"The Pursuit of Dreams"

The true story of how a British engineer designed a motorcycle that beat the best in the World

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About the Book

The book contains over 320 pages, 150 photographs and illustrations and 50 rare newspaper clippings

The book takes the reader through from the formative years as a typical child of the ‘60’s through to how they developed the vision and self-confidence to acheive the impossible and the reality of trying to rebuild the British Motorcycle Industry.

The book is now available in printed A5 paperback full-colour format, with World-wide delivery.

The Story

Follow the struggles and achievements of a young engineer trying to help rebuild British pride in engineering in the 1960’s thru to the 80’s by learning how to design and develop highly competitive and technically advanced British racing motorcycles.

The Silver Dream Racer

The previously untold story behind the initial euphoria surrounding the contract to build the Silver Dream Racer Motorcycle, that would be the final piece of the jigsaw and how it turned into a nightmare. Unlike so many other books it authenticates the validity of all the contents.

The Technical stuff!

Details of previously withheld secrets on what really makes engines and transmissions work, perform and win races. And in so, doing the reasons behind the years of British technical stagnation and how they were overcome are now available as a separate e-book.

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